Selfie-Photobox on Tour in Germany (2016)

Published on 14.09.2015 at 20:01 clock

Shopping Center in selfie-fever! The Selfie Photo Box which was developed in the Future Labs has now been installed in eight ECE Centers, with more to come in 15 other centers. Additional mobile boxes will also make their way around 60 ECE Centers in Germany this year, offering customers entertainment as well as some variety during shopping. Over 350,000 pictures have already been taken in the Selfie Photo Boxes and sent to or shared with friends. In the Limbecker Platz Shopping Center alone, more than 6,000 pictures are taken on a monthly basis in the Selfie Box and then shared over and over again.

The Selfie Photo Box is also enabling the ECE to stay on top of the trend towards digitization and personalization as well as playful entertainment and experience-building elements. Customers can be photographed in front of a green screen featuring a variety of different backgrounds in the Photo Boxes and have unique pictures taken of themselves, for example, smack dab in the middle of a group of rappers, between garden gnomes in a field of strawberries or as a star caught in a very glamorous flurry of camera flashes. The images are displayed on a monitor and can be viewed during the shoot. If the customers like them, they can then be sent to a cell phone via email or QR code and then further posted on social media.


Further information about the Selfie Photo Box is available here: Selfie Photo Box