Easy to Park

Many motorists know the problem: You want to drive into the car park but can't reach the ticket, you have to open the driver's door but bump it against the ticket machine – and you'll probably get soaked as it's pouring with rain. And after the shopping tour is finished, the next horror awaits: the battle with the small change at the ticket machine. We have invented "Easy to Park" so that our customers don't have to worry about such things, but can simply enjoy their shopping experience from the start to the finish.


Easy to Park functions using a card with modern RFID technology. Each Easy to Park customer receives a personal card which can simply be kept in the vehicle behind the sun visor. Special sensors installed at the entrances and exits to the car park recognize the card and open the barrier. The parking duration is calculated automatically - the customer no longer requires a ticket and doesn't have to pay at the ticket machine. Payment takes place via the SEPA direct debit scheme; the account balance can, of course, be checked online at any time. The customer is thus always informed. Registration can be carried out simply online on the center's website or in the center app.

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