Free Wifi

Many people now take free WLAN access in public places for granted. The omnipresent requirement of the customer to be online everywhere at all times also provides a new challenge for the data infrastructure in shopping centers. We have tackled this challenge and we now offer our customers free WLAN in an increasing number of centers.

Roll-out thanks to high demand

In the first phase, we installed free WLAN for our visitors in the Future Labs in Hamburg and Essen. Due to high demand and intense usage, we have already expanded the service to 75% of all our centers. Over 7 million people now use our WLAN networks each year in German shopping centers. These high figures are also due to the fact that we consciously selected an easy login: The customer does not have to provide any personal data but just has to confirm acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions with just one click in order to be able to use the free WLAN.

Potential for the future

The WLAN available in the centers is an important customer loyalty instrument and is coincidentally the basis for numerous other customer services which require an Internet connection. These include the innovative indoor navigation systems. But also the download of the center LOVE TO SHOP app is faster and saves the customer's data volume.

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