Google Maps

An ever increasing number of people orientate themselves with the aid of their smartphone. For many people, Google Maps is the starting point for every search – both at the desktop as well as mobile. 

This is why, in a strategic cooperation with Google, we have had many of our shopping centers mapped with their location plans. In this way, our customers can inform themselves of the exact location of the respective center and have an overview of which stores await them at the center even before they go shopping.


In over 20 shopping centers, we additionally offer our customers the opportunity of being navigated through the building whilst they are shopping – a real advantage in the larger centers with many stores. For this, indoor navigation, which has been offered by Google for just a few months now, is activated.


In exactly the same way as navigation outside of buildings, Google Maps uses GPS, mobile and WLAN signals to determine the position of a customer for indoor navigation. Because GPS signals in particular are difficult to receive within closed rooms, and are also not able to distinguish between different floors, the WLAN hotspots in our centers are very important. The user, by the way, does not have to connect his smartphone with one of the hotspots, he just has to simply activate the data transfer via WLAN. Positive side-effect: The customer saves on data volume.


Use of the service is particularly easy as the indoor navigation offers the user a well-known look thanks, above all, to the "blue dot" which Google Maps also uses in standard navigation in order to show the current position.

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