iBeacon is a new technology which enables so-called location based services. iBeacons can localize the customer, or respectively his smartphone, in the shopping center to the accuracy of one meter. In the Future Labs Alstertal Einkaufszentrum and Limbecker Platz, over 1,000 such iBeacons have been installed in the mall and car park areas. Via Bluetooth signals, they are able to establish a location-based communication with the customer's smartphone when the customer enables it in the system settings for his device.


The additional value for the customer lies, above all, in the indoor navigation within the center. Together with the center app, it can search on all levels for, for example, individual stores, elevators, escalators or toilets, show them on the map and direct the customer to them from his position. 

The technology is also used for, among other things, our Car Finder 2.0: As soon as the customer drives into a car park, he receives information via a push message from the center app so that he can save the position where he has parked to the accuracy of one meter. Hence, he can quickly and easily find his car after shopping with the help of a special route function in the center app.


In addition to indoor navigation and Car Finder, iBeacons enables countless other useful services. In the MetroCity center in Istanbul, for example, we have created a navigation option for people with visual impairment using iBeacons and the "Loud Steps" app. This service was awarded a Social Marketing Award in gold by the ICSC.

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