Where can I find a certain store? Is there a post office in the center? Especially in larger shopping centers, it is very important that customers can be informed quickly and simply. But, particularly at peak times such as weekends, there are often long waiting times at the information desks. In order to supplement this, we have developed the new InfoGate: a centrally controlled live chat customer information service.

Thanks to the InfoGates, we increase the concentration of the sources of information in the center and hence give the customer the possibility of being able to turn to someone quickly should they have a question. The only difference compared to classical information: The contact person is not directly on location at the center but is part of a specially trained customer service team based in Essen from where they serve several locations via a live video transmission. 


The personal component is still present thanks to real-time chat via video in HD resolution. Also, informative material such as route directions, can be simply printed via the InfoGate. InfoGates are the perfect supplement to the existing customer information services in larger shopping centers.



Since July 2017, we have expanded our service: Center gift cards can now be purchased via the InfoGate. The customer can choose between 4 Gift Card values, pay with EC card and then take out the voucher via an output box. Our service team accompanies the complete purchasing process and can respond directly to possible customer questions. This function is currently being tested in our shopping centers Schlosshöfe Oldenburg, Alstertal Einkaufszentrum Hamburg, Skyline Plaza Frankfurt and Ring-Center Berlin.

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