Kids Planet

Just to go on a relaxed shopping trip- that's what many parents of young children wish for. An entertainment program for kids can therefore be a decisive competitive advantage for family-oriented shopping centers. The expectations of the youngest center-visitors in regards to entertainment offerings have grown considerably.The handling of digital devices is learned and self-evident. For this reason, we have developed a new generation "playground" with the innovative power of our Future Labs: the Kids Planet, a digital playground, which is guaranteed to excite the little ones


What is special is that we use digital media and modern technologies to create an extraordinary experience with a great fun factor. LED floors and augmented reality cameras as well as HD monitors and Kinect cameras are used, which allow a variety of different games.

The interactive floor, which can be implemented as an LED or HD monitor variant, encourages children to join in as they can influence the course of the game with the movements of their feet on the playing surface.

In our Future Labs, we are currently testing a Kinect game, exclusively developed for ECE, with gesture control in which children can directly control the movements of animated animals on the screen, collect points and experience exciting worlds.

We offer games with a lot of movement and interaction between children.

To also enable parents or grandparents to enjoy the Kids Planet experience, the playground offers comfortable seating and a mobile phone charging station as well as a buggy parking space for the youngest ones.

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