Same Day Delivery

Shopping without schlepping: This describes in just a few words the service which the ECE currently offers at five locations: Same day delivery.


One of the big advantages of online shopping is that the ordered items can be conveniently and easily delivered to the door. This is where Same Day Delivery comes in. Whoever shops with us can not only comfortably browse, try on and compare products; they can also have the items delivered to the door on the same evening. (Not even online suppliers are that fast.) If the customer wishes to make use of the service, he just has to deposit his bags at the so-called "Drop Off Point" in the center and give his chosen delivery address and the goods will be delivered on the same day between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. within a radius of 15km for just € 3-6.

Same Day Delivery increases the willingness of customers to purchase.The idea of same day delivery is based on the results of many long-term surveys which we carried out in several centers. These surveys showed that the customers have an increasing desire for their goods to be delivered within a time period which they themselves determine. Factually, 67 % of customers would purchase more / larger products (ECE tenant survey, 2014/15, n=1.352), if they were offered such a service. With 34 %, the "definite desired delivery time" was mentioned as the most relevant option in surveys on the subject of delivery times. For this reason, we also offer time window delivery if requested.


This new service is met with lively interest with the center visitors – particularly those who have traveled with public transport or who have walked to the center. These two groups account for 51 % of users of the Same Day Delivery service (ECE tenant survey, 2014/15).

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