Selfie Photo Box

One of the most important matters which the stationary trade has to tackle today is creating the particularly special shopping experience on location – this is a decisive unique selling point in the competition with the internet.

With the Selfie Photo Box, we give the customers in our centers the opportunity of being able to enjoy a special form of entertainment during their shopping tour. With the use of a greenscreen, teenagers and other selfie fans can pose in front of many different backgrounds and hence create unique photos of themselves: for example, in the middle of a gang of rappers, between garden gnomes in a field of strawberries, or as a glamorous star in front of flashing paparazzi cameras.


The photos can be looked at during the shooting on a monitor. If you like what you see, you can transfer the photo using a QR code or by e-mail to your own mobile so that you can share it with friends. Then, everyone can see how exciting a shopping day in one of our centers really is. In order to ensure enough variety and to offer new incentives to use the box, we regularly provide new background images and even video clips. The Selfie Photo Box is also perfect for presenting the center on social media channels – with content which the customers can create and upload themselves. The brand is thus emotionally charged and positively associated.

By the way: In the Limbecker Platz center, over 6,000 photos are taken and shared per month in the Selfie Photo Box. In this way, we also reach people who have not had any previous contact with the center.


So that as many ECE shopping centers can benefit from the know-how of the Future Labs and can share the production efforts, the Selfie Photo Box is currently on tour in Germany and will be stopping off at over 60 centers.

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